Real-time user security

DFend provides next-generation privacy and security capabilities for developer and enterprise users, and the businesses they connect with

Measure the security health of your digital identity in real-time
Get notified of security risks via webhook, email, text, and our app
Real-time, proactive approach to security, closing security gaps
Easily handle security events with customized policies

Simple to sign up, easy to get started

Novel biometrics

Using our simple SDKs, create a biometric footprint for a user on DFend by sending user activity events from browser and server environments. You can leverage historical events data to build a profile immediately.

Real-time behavioral anomaly detection

DFend automatically detects deviations from normal usage for each user. We will send security event data to your webhook, and can also send you or your security team an email of the findings. It doesn’t matter whether the initial actor was bad. Any deviation in behavior will trigger a security alert.

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Beyond simple detection, DFend sends actionable recommendations to your webhook, instructing your system on how to automatically respond.


DFend offers a robust system for managing both global and activity-specific banning. Is one of your users in a high-risk state? DFend will send you a ban event with information on what to ban and for how long.

User verifications

DFend provides co-branded verification pages and templates with embedded links that you can send directly to users, should they need to verify abnormal events, such as impossible travel. DFend keeps track of user responses and factors them into future detection, and delivers the results to your system.

User validation

Using DFend’s API, your system can instantly check the current state of a user’s security health. Leverage this functionality in your zero trust architecture, and to add an additional check during login and MFA steps to detect compromised TOTP codes.

Illustration of app interface, showcasing how DFend verifies identity signals for fraud

Looking for enhanced authentication?

Enhance your existing MFA and zero trust authentication infrastructure with DFend. MFA using one-time codes can be compromised. Devices can be remotely accessed without user knowledge, and MFA codes can be obtained through social engineering attacks.
DFend provides additional biometrics that you can check at the time of authentication. 

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